I went to the movies with my friend Karla last Saturday afternoon. We saw “Tropa de Elite 2”. We loved it! This movie is full of action! It is really amazing and exciting. It stared Wagner Moura as Colonel Nascimento, Irandhir Santos and others… People say the film is violent and as a matter of fact it is because it shows the fight of Nascimento against the militias. So, I don’t suggest to children, just adults, of course!


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  1. The last movie I saw was ” G.I joe”. I saw in my house with my mother on the DVD. It’s an action movie and the stars are Denis Quait and Chamming Tatun, they perforn very well at the movie. This movie is interesting and amazing. The story is, there are two groups: the good group and the bad one. The bad group wants to rob a terrible bomb and the good group wants to leave the bomb in a save place. I like this movie because it’s an interesting story and the special effects look real.

  2. The last movie that I saw was Spider Man 3. It was awesome!
    He is a man and a spider at the same time.
    In Spider Man 3, Peter Parker was very mad because he broke up with Mary Jane. It has a part of the film that he fights with Harry, his best friend. Spider man 1,2 and 3 are very good,my favorite is spider men3, I remember that he hides a ring on the glass.This film is an action movie. I loved this film!

  3. The last movie I saw was Due Date.
    I saw it at UCI last Saturday.
    I went to the movies with my parents.
    Due Date is a very good comedy. It’s an amazing and interesting movie. It stars Robert Downey Junior and Zach Galafianakis.
    I liked this film very much because it made me happy and I had so much fun, and my parents loved it too.I suggest this film for everybody; if you want to have good laughters, see Due Date, and you are never going to forget it.
    It’s a story of two men going to L.A.; one man wants to be an actor in Hollywood and the other one wants to see his son’s birth.
    Due Date is very funny because they (the men) make a lot of funny things on their way to L.A.
    You have to see this movie. Call your friends and your family to see it because Due Date is a very good movie.

  4. the last movie i saw

    I watched tropa de elite 2 two monthes ago,this is an action movie,that movie stared is Wagner Mouram,in the movie he is colonel mascimento;he is a good actor,this movie is good,exicitng and interesting,because all the people see the reality of brazil.
    The enemy of tropa de elite 2 is another than first movie,tropa de elite 1,becausein the tropa de elite 2 is the militias.
    I suggest all the people see tropa de elite 2

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