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  1. Four months ago I made ​​a bet with a friend of mine that we should lose 4kg in one months and who could not achieve that goal should do something bold. So I win this bet and asked her to after being a BIT Altinho go to the house of a certain boy that she really wanted to stay and give him a kiss. It was really fun getting there and talking of nothing and then she kissed him, poor kid he was unresponsive and not understanding anything and then she and I fall down laughing. Because it is a close friend of us, we were not afraid to tell him the truth, he laughed but was a bit resentful, but nothing that would not go after. I just do not feel sad about it but has a bit of cheat, but I did a good job in the end have queela and the boy are together.

  2. In October 2010, my wife and me went on vacation to Italy. We had an exciting time. We knew a lot od differents places in the same country. We visited Milan, Assis, padua, Pizza, Florence, Pompeia, Napoli, Capri and Rome. We had opportunity to see lots of nature in Toscana where the view was pretty scenic. We saw in other places lots of history and culture. Rome looks like a open sky museum and each place is a piece of the humanity history. Assis and Padua have a mysthical and magic energy. We had a good time in Italy, but some bad things happened; the hotels weren’t so good and the people were unfriendly. The weather was good but a little cold. The food is good but I believe that brazilian’s pizza is better.

  3. In October 2010, my husband and me went on vacation to Spain. We had an wonderful and interesting time. We knew a lot of differents places in the same country. We visited Madri, where the night life is famous. We went to Cordoba, the capital of the caliphate, was the largest, richest and most sophisticated city in western Europe, we visited the famous Mosque/Cathedral. Then we went to Sevilla, we visited the biggest Cathedral of the world. Then we went to Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz, Costa del Sol, Marbella, Malaga, Jerez, Gibraltar Strait where we saw free monkeys. Then we went to Granada, we had a sightseeing tour visiting the Alhambra with its beautiful Nazari Palaces and the Generalife, the Albaysin district the Mirador de San Nicolas and the Cuevas del Rocio. We visited Alicante. We went to the beach in the Mediterranean sea. We went to Valência and Barcelona where we visited Montjuic, Ramblas, Gothic Quarter and the famous church of the Holy Family. Then we went do Zaragoza to the end of the trip.

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