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  1. Lots of people go to the zooz every day. It’s just a nice place to have fun, see animalz they can’t find anywhere. However, not everybody thinks like that. Many people say its not right to keep animalz locked up in cages and far from their natuarl enviroment. On the onther hand, somo say keepping them in a controled life, with balanced diet ans proper situation to perpetuate the species is really important to net let’em be in extinction.

    It’s true that all these aspects are relevant but in my opinion, the animals get stressed in zoos, but its the price they pay for getting good food, medical treatment, baths, etc. The money people bring in is used to pay for the animals’ food and care and to fund breeding programmes, as well as the employees’ wages. Some also goes towards funding the protection of animals in the wild, and their habitats.

    It’s also important to say that animals are not taken from the wild and locked up in cages. Zoo’s animals were born in captivity, as were their parents, grandparents and so on. They have known nothing else, and have no idea such a thing as the wild exists, so there is no way they can miss it. They are certainly not unhappy.

    • 214 words for someone who couldn’t reach the development
      sounds really profitible! Way to go!!! Good writing, Rafa! 🙂

  2. In the latests years the pharmaceutics industry has become one of the most powerful and profitable industry.To support this growing industry, thousands and thousands of medicines are produced every day and news ones are also created. And there it lies our problem.In order to create new medicines, animals are used as test subjects, and some people think that this is wrong.
    So, is research on animals necessary in order to develop new medicines and procedures? Yes, they are!Every medicine must be tested before being sold so that side effects and even death can be avoided. Some people think that these tests shouldn’t be done. However,they are essential to avoid human loses.
    In conclusion, testing new medicines and new procedures on animals is necessary. But these animals must be well treated and they must be species that aren’t endangered, I believe that on the other hand pharmaceutics industries had better have an ecologic program to protect other species endangered.

  3. The use of dogs to guide blind people.

    Many people get blind, and some blind people don’t have relatives to guide or live with them, so they buy a special dog who is treined to guide blind people.
    It is true that this animals can be sad not being free like other dogs, however this animals have a owner who can be much carefull than others owners who buy dogs only to hurt and don’t care them. After some time with hers owners the dog, start be a part of family, because this people depend to this dog to go everywhere.
    In conclusion dogs can be very happy with blind or normal people depend how care the animal, if you don’t care he will be sad and if you care he will like you and will be happy.

  4. The Earth Planet has millions of different sprecies of animal, but many species are disappering and nowdays we have to pretect all animals, inclusive ugly animals, for instance, why just preservation polar bears, giant pandas, tigers and another “cute’ animals? why not pretect coak-roach, mosquito,snak, bettle, bug? This is prejudice.
    Some people think that ugly animals have to be destroyed, just becuase they are ugly, this is inhuman, there are many reason to protect this animals, becusae many our food and medicine come from wild species.
    All animals have to be protect, if one species in ecosystem disappear, other species are affected, like a “snow ball” and to remenber every body, we are too animal, so i think better protect all animals.
    To sum up, we have to protect ugly animals like you and me protect cute animals, above all they are animal, we are animal, so protect every animals.

  5. Dogs are animals very adorable and affectionate. They’re usualy friendly and easygoing, that’s why they are perfect to be pets. But it’s a litle bit costly to have one.
    Many pleople abondoned their pets on streets because they don’t have financial conditions to keep them. On the streets they suffer a lot because they are homeless pets, they need an owner to survive.
    When I meet dogs on the streets I call Suipa, that’s an very nice instution that takes care of dogs until they are adopted. There they treat sick animals, not only dogs but any animal that needs help. That’s it’s very important to donate, they do a very good job and they need support. Don’t buy dogs, adopt one!

  6. The use of animals in circus have two sides : the good and the bad ones. For instance, something bad is catching elephants, tigers, monkeys, lions in their habitat and mistreat then. A lot of circus mistreat a lot the animals, like, they don’t give food, they slap then, put them in small jail. This is very sad. However, many circus catch animals in bad health conditions and they take care about them.

    It’s not necessary to mistreat an animal in order to teach them. For example, ‘Circus of Solei’ only makes shows without animals, only with artists. And they make a lot of money and sucess. Everyone wants to see ‘Circus of Solei’.

    In conclusion, animals should be protected, but, the human-beings can’t care even about them selfes, how would we care about animals ? Think about it.

    Daniel A.
    Adv 2

  7. In many cultures the skin and fur of the animals are used with a purpose, for instance in Tibet the monks need to kill animals to use their fur to get warm, because they live next to the highest moutains in the world. To sum up they don’t do it just because they want, they need it for surviving.
    But nowadays people don’t think about it, we take out lifes because we’ve invented something called fashion. We use their fur to make coats and gloves, to feel comfortable but we don’t even know how they get killed. The truth is that we don’t want to know, because we hear about the cruel methods that they’re submited.
    It can be argued that using clothes that are made by fur it’s same principle of being the hunter, because either way you’re stained with the blood. It’s quite similar to the blood diamond.
    But nowadays awaring adds has been done by PETA and many organizations that stand for animals protection. Another example are the celebrities that more and more has contributed with and awareness campaigns.
    In conclusion we shouldn’t do to others what wouldn’t want to recieve back. Animals are just alive like us.

    Teacher sorry for taking so long to post the text! I’m on test week and have to study really hard.

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