Tell me about something cool that happened to YOU! (Basic 4)


It’s difficult to talk about something cool, I mean, about just one thing. My life is full of cool, special moments. But let me tell you, guys, about the day I bought Delilah. It was about six years ago. Delilah is my dog. She’s a French Bulldog. When I saw her for the first time, she was only 3 months. She’s black. Well, I fell in love with her immediately. She was really cute! Delilah was jumping and running so happily when she saw me and Daniel (my son). We took her home by car. She was a well behaved girl that day and she didn’t cry much during the night. Soon, Delilah became part of the family! We just can’t imagine home without her.


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  1. When I met my boyfriend

    When I changed my school, I thought it would be boring and would want to run back to my old school. But when I got in the room, something cought my attention, a boy with tanned skin. His name is Ricardo, and is very beautiful, has green eyes and a smile to arouse the envy of anyone. Throughout the day he was proving to be very clever and it made me very happy because I love intellingent people. He really was a very special person. Soon we started dating and we are 1 year together, we have our ups and downs like every relationship. But nothing can change our feelings. We are soul mates and we are really happier together. I’m sure our relationship will lost long, and we have already thought about names of childrens and pets. I always have fun with him, and I love to see how he lives with my family as well. I love my boyfriend, he is cute.

  2. Rock in Rio

    Well… I’m a kind of girl who loves music. I’m so ecletic. Last month I received a ticket for the biggest rock show in the world, Rock in Rio. I was so happy! I’m gonna see Diogo Nogueira, Stevie Wonder, Joss Stone, Kesha and other singers. Well… definitely, my dream will come true. I’ll go to Rock in Rio with my father, my cousin and my friend Maria Clara. We are planning all to the most memorable days of my life. I’m so exciting to Rock in Rio. I really want to go on the Ferris wheel and roller coaster, want to dance and sing with my friends, I really want to enjoy, i’m sure, this is gonna be the best day of my life. I can’t wait to see my favorite singer Kesha, and the king of the Soul Music and R&B, Stevie Wonder.

  3. When it came to me a flower

    There is no way to describe the best things that happened in my life, because every day good things happens. I had already knew many wonderful people who marked my life, I had been through unforgetable moments.. But surely one of the best thing that happened in my life was when my sister was born. I was 10 years old when I learned that my father’s wife was pregnant. We both do not live in the same house and so we do not see every day, then when we were together everything is wonderful. I bet, I don’t know how it was when I went to my father’s house without my sister. She was 10 years old, her name is Julia, and she has a sister who is madly in love with her, me.

  4. My surprise party.

    On my birthday I traveled to Paraty. It was a surprise party, so I found that was traveling on my birthday. I was very happy because I never had a birthday surprise. I went there with my family. I stayed there for a week and I met new people, I was on some beaches near the city, ate in restaurants and found some really great actors because I was having the film festival. I went to the show of marisa orth and I was super happy because I love her as an actress and was even happier because she let go until her dressing room, talked to me and took pictures with me and my family. That was my first surprise party and the best birthday I ever had.

  5. when I went to Rock in Rio

    When they announced that Katy Perry and Rihanna come to Rock in Rio I was asking my dad to buy a ticket, my father could not buy the first time tickets
    began to sell and it made me sad, only when they started selling again my father bought on the first day I could secure my place close to the Katy Perry and Rihanna, I was very happy because it would see them a few weeks later I knew that Claudia Leite would sing on the day I went and I was even happier because I love her, she’s beautiful and sings very well. On September 23 I did not go to school because he had to sleep enough for the Rock in Rio, about 10 hours I woke up and went to the nail when I got home I got ready and waited for my father to get us to go Rock City when I arrived it was not very full but the line was huge, I was a half hour in line and entered, was a great feeling I felt so happy because each second that passed I was closer to seeing Katy Perry I walked everywhere and I got some really cool things. It was the best day of my life.

  6. my last trip
    Well… is difficult to choose something cool,because there are a lot thing cool in my life.But will tell.when I went to Paris with Nadia (my mother) and Regina (my aunt).I like so much this trip ,because when we went was the best season in year ,spring.The flowes was beautiful.the gardens were too much flowering and the gardens of castles .I saw a cuture of France ,it is amanzimg.And I visit tower Eiffel, louvre,triumphal arch,st german and other places.
    This trip was very funny because , we had a lot mess.

  7. I will talk about when I went to Hawai.I travelled 20 hours!I was so excited!Hawai had beutiful beaches,good malls,the roads were so wonderful.I went to a mall with 290 stores!All the stores;Armani,Chanel,Abercrombie,Louis Vitton…I went to two islands:Honolulu and Kauai.Kauai was so calm.WE went to Hawai for my sister´s birthday.She was turning fifteen,it was an important date.We travelled in 2010.Honolulu it´s very busy!In the right you have wonderful beaches in the left Chanel, Gucci, Douce and Gabana…I loved Honolulu, it was so especial.

  8. My best friend ♥

    Last year I changed to another school, Miguel Couto. I met amazing people but a special one, Matheus. How can I describe him? He’s wonderful, he’s a amazing person, a lovely boy. Our friendship it’s the best thing that happened to me, because I never had a best friend like Matheus. He’s totally cute. We have a lot of fights but a hugs too. He always surprise me. On my birthday he give me two stuffed toy, a monkey (bima) and a lion (nick). He’s like my brother you know? We do everything together. He always protect me, and I always protect him too… I guess our friendship it’s perfect. I’m his best friend and he’s my best friend, we always help each other. We have ups and downs but a true friend always have this. He’s gonna be unforgettable to me.

  9. When my sister was born…
    Well, I always wanted a sister. But my mom said ” No, one daughter is enough!”
    One day on 2009 (two thousand and nine), my mom said to me ” I am pregnant!” I didn’t believe!
    I was very happy, I hoped that it was a girl! I chosed the same name, Marina!
    8 (eight) months after, I was very anxious, counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds … It happened 1(one) month, finally my sister was born…
    I remember like it was yesterday… It was very beautiful, my whole family moved!
    Today, my sister is 2 (two) years old and I love she!

  10. i will talk about my first trip alone with my mother to the united states (Ny). At the beginning of the trip I was desperate because neither I nor my mother spoke english, I do not know what to do, i thought it would be the worst trip of my life but after 2 days I learned to walk new york and saw that english is not so hard, the last day of the trip was three days stuck at the airport, I had to shower and sleep at the airport, i was very happy when I got home, I felt relieved that no longer be warmed in the united states.

  11. My sister
    My sister born in august 5th of this year. When she born I was in the school. A friend of my mother brought me to the hospital. When I got there I watched her first shower. Her name is Gabriela, she has a long dark hair, a very small hands and feet and a perfect nose. She is very very cute. When I am sleeping I don’t hear she cries but my parents always say to me that she cries a lot. My sister arrived to make me very happy!

  12. My best vacation

    In my last vacation, I and my family went to Orlando-Florida. We stayed at our friend’s house with them and we had a lot of fun and lived good moments.

    We visited several parks: Disney, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Universal, Island of Adventure, bought clothes, games and ate all foods of the region. One day, I was very sad, because I broke my friend’s TV. But he said “all right don’t worry”.

    But the worst moment was when we came back, because we were there a long time and nobody wanted to go back to home.

    Finally, after the last breakfast in USA, we went to the airport, we have a good flight and arrived to Brazil, full of good memories. We brought a lot of cool stuff and it was a great trip.

  13. One of the best things that happened in my life was my trip to Disney with my family. It was anunforgettable passage. Through this experience met the U.S. other cultures, cuisine, people with different values ​​and behaviors and beyond have enjoyed all the pleasures that Disney can provide to children, adolescents and adults.
    It’s been a while since I was but one of the parks that I liked most was the Universal Studiospresentation of dolphins and whales was something spectacular, the roller coasters, the cleanliness of the parks was one thing that really caught my attention. It was great to interact with other families, building bridges and links, which until now have contact with them. I forgotone major detail “shopping.”
    Too bad I only scratched the time in English, but by the end of the year will be to master English to get in NY.

  14. My cat

    Four years ago I encountered a cat. I and my mother were going to the house of my aunt Marcia. We were entering in a newsboy when I saw a kitten underneath. I catch she for me and we went of she.She was very hungry and scratched me. After one weak we went of our house of Pantera with me. Is a beultiful black cat. I love she!

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