I have some good habits: I usually go walking in the morning and I try to eat healthy food as fruit and vegetables. I love fish, too!  I don’t smoke because smoking is really bad for health. I also avoid junk food and sweets but I love chocolate, so I eat it just once in a while…  My bad habits??? Well, I guess I spend too much time on the computer!


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  1. I have a lot of good habits. I usually go swimming. I study every day. I always have good grades. I always play soccer. I have a lot bad habits ,too. I play a lot of video games, I sometimes disobey my mother. I watch a lot of tv and I sometimes eat junk food.

  2. My good and bad habits

    These are my good habits:
    I study every day. I do my homework every day.
    I eat breakfast every day. I usually drink juice and eat healthy food for lunch. I eat vegetables. I go to bed early on weekdays. I hardly ever eat candies or drink soda.

    My bad habits are:
    I play sports only once a week. I never eat fruits. I use the computer every day.

  3. My good and bad habits
    I always exercise, but it’s just three times a week. I usually eat fruits and vegetables and I sometimes have a healthy breakfast. These are my good habits and now I’m talking about my bad habits: I sometimes snack on junk food, but I just can eat once a month. I usually watch TV and surf the net too much!

  4. My good and bad habits

    My good habits: I study every day, I do my homework, I sleep early all the time, I play tennis every day, I exercise all the time, I go running twice a week and I always eat fruits.

    Bad habits: I don’t eat vegetables, I eat junk food three times a month and I don’t like to read books.

  5. GOOD
    I sometimes eat fruits and pratice exercises, example: soccer, dodgeball, basketball etc.

    I always watch television, I sometimes eat candy and I play video games every day.

  6. My good and bad habits
    I sometimes go to the beach, but I usually stay at home.I never go camping. I play soccer three times a week. I go to school,there I have to study every day and I always study at home. I usually have good grades.I hardly ever eat junk food and I always sleep early.These are my good and bad habits.

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